New Site: Abstract by H

Simpledream announces a new web site.

One of the most fun sites I have done went live recently: Expressions of Abstraction by H. Fun not only to code, but to design as well.

Due to the dominant nature of the artwork to be displayed, the design had to be subtle and minimal. I endeavor to make both of these attributes common in my design work, so it was a chance once again to build a solid design framework that gives way to powerful imagery.

With beautiful images as the main purpose for a site, it reminded me much of another project, Dan Davis Photography. The difference with Abstract by H is the artist and I decided not to do the usual black or white background, instead choosing a neutral dark grey.

For information about how the site was put together, see the Colophon page on the Abstract site.

Author: Lance Willett

My name is Lance, I am a blogger and web craftsman making high-quality, engaging, and user-centered experiences for people that use WordPress. México-born. Product Excellence Manager at Automattic.

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